Teresa Gómez-Martorell is a visual artist born in Barcelona. She earned her MFA from SMU, Dallas, USA and previously she had her BFA (Llicenciada) from the Universitat de Barcelona. She pursued her printmaking studies at the Atelier 17-Contrepoint in Paris, France. She has worked as instructor and master printer at Flatbed Press, Austin, USA. She has taught printmaking and artist’s books in several US and Spanish art schools, such as Taller dels Pellaires, Murtra Edicions, El Calotipo, Tarrant County College, Fort Worth, Oil and Cotton among them. She has participated in national and international art shows. Her art work has been exhibited in PrintTx at the Museum of Printing History, Houston, the IPCNY, the Austin Museum of Modern Art and the Museu Molí de Paper de Capellades.

CV Teresa Gomez Martorell

artist statement

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